, Never Work Hard

Never Work Hard

"Let us reject tedious work. It goes against human nature, against the cosmic rhythms, it goes against man himself, to take trouble where none is needed. It is natural for him to apply himself to avoiding such work; to use every instrument that comes to hand, every favourable chance that can help him out to make his work easier and more pleasant. Tedious work is inhuman and repugnant, every work which shows signs of it is ugly. It is pleasure and ease, without harshness and constraint, which create grace in every human gesture." -Jean Dubuffet from Notes for the Well-Lettered, straight up crit of pre ww2 socio-cultural protocols which “failed to prevent the holocaust”. It would take something pretty radical to reconfigure prescribed values concerning hard work, but I for one am all for it. I believe that Dubuffet’s statement applies to all arenas of life, not just painting. Work is necessary, but I like how he subtly emphasizes working gracefully, which is a worthwhile pursuit for sure.

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